Do you need a PAUL DESIGN winder?


YES. Absolutely: MUST.


PAUL DESIGN winder keeps your valuable mechanical watches running and prevents the lubricants in the watch mechanism from gumming. As a comparison, the engine of a car needs regular movement as it would otherwise damage. Our winder makes sure your watches are being kept on the go. It takes care of the continual operation of watch complicated functions like moon phase, perpetual calendar, time zones and allows you to wear them anytime for any occasion (without the inconvenience of resetting such functions). In addition, the watches are beautifully presented in an organized manner with PAUL DESIGN. Paul Design products will definitely let you enjoy more of your collection.





PAUL Design is a decade old company which specializes in designing and manufacturing watch winders. For many years, the company have dedicated in innovating and perfecting the technology of watch winding, it adopted the latest technology and highest quality material in its products. PAUL DESIGN winders are made to maintain watches and avoid unnecessary damage due to tension from over winding. No matter what brand your watch belongs to, Paul Design can tailor its design to suit the winding of your watch, and adjust it to the best operating mode, so it is a professional and reliable partner. 


Why Paul Design?


Paul Design is concise and distinct, its magnificent outlines simply oozes classiness with fluidity. Its human like functions are simple during setup. You are able to use its LCD control panel to personalize a setting suitable for your lifestyle. It is the most reasonably priced with highest quality and reliability. We provide a 12-month international warranty from the date of purchase.


Product’s Introduction


All winders are individually controlled to provide different setting for different watches. Speed Winding mode can provide kick-starts to any new watches or long deserted watches. Sleep Mode provides a 12 hour resting period for the watches which will keep them under optimum operational condition. Initial Setting Mode allows you to personalize the winder’s setting to suit your lifestyle.